Old Mill Pond Museum – Lindale, TX

There are very few places as peaceful and relaxing as the Old Mill Pond Museum in Lindale, TX.  Offering a look at life in East Texas between 1850 and 1950, the Mill Pond Museum (also known as Parrott Park) features a running water mill, and a small, surprisingly clear lake where you can easily view and feed the fish and turtles.

When you’re done browsing through the two story museum, you can tour the extensive grounds of the park, following a paved walkway that takes you through old barns, stables, garages, and other interesting attractions.  All of these buildings are historical, and are filled with artifacts of a corresponding time-frame.

While you’re at the park, it feels like you have stepped back in time as you go into all the different buildings and experience a simpler, slower time.

At the very end of the walk, you come upon a beautiful chapel overlooking the lake; which you can go into and sit for awhile.  You can also rent this sweet little chapel as a perfect rustic wedding venue for a mere $150.00 per day.  The staff will provide and set up tables, chairs, and other required items for your country wedding.


When you’re looking for an authentic old-timey Texas experience that won’t break the bank; head out to Lindale and visit the Old Mill Pond Museum and Parrot Park! Hours are 8-5 Thursday through Saturday, and entrance is totally free.