First Impressions

Hey, there!  Welcome to our blog, East Texas Adventures.  This is our first post, so let’s start with introductions before getting to the real meat of this blog.  Or meat substitute, for any vegetarians reading along.  Our names are Jasmin and Andrea, and we’re just two navigationally challenged girls with a passion for history, food and fun.  East Texas is our stomping ground, but we’ll venture out a little further if we’ve got a good enough lead on a historically relevant building or a local eatery we haven’t tried.

On this blog, you’ll see beautiful buildings, landscapes, antiques, establishments, restaurants and events; but mostly you’ll see our humor-filled adventures as we try to get to those places.  We hope you’ll follow us (but not too closely, because Jasmin brakes really hard for squirrels), and interact with us in the comments and on our Instagram!